DriverSmith is a program that will scan your system for outdated drivers
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DriverSmith is a program that will scan your system for outdated drivers. When you launch the program, you will see an interface with four buttons: Scan, Download, Settings and About. If you press the "Scan" button, the system will get the list of device drivers installed in your computer to manage sound cards, video cards, modems, network devices, etc., and then it will compare every driver found in the system with an internal list of updated drivers, which the program will update from the Internet each time it runs. If it finds that any of your installed drivers are older than the latest ones, it will show a list of them.

The "Download" button, at least in the registered version of the program, will let you download the updated drivers from the author´s website, and then install them. The trial version, however, will not allow you to do so, and will not give you alternative links. In the "Settings" section, you will be able to tell the program if it should include the hidden devices when scanning for outdated drivers, or if it should download the drivers automatically (only for the registered version).

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It will inform you about your outdated drivers


  • The unregistered version will not let you do anything to update them
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